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Fire Rising
I – The Pit
He came upon the child where the Pit opened up into the sky. It was a full moon tonight, brighter than the fires in the caverns. The child was watching the bats leave their nests and fly up into the night.
"You shouldn't stare for too long," he said. "You might start to think you can fly out too."
"You don't think I could?"
He gestured towards the bottom of the wall, where bones had gathered over the countless generations the Pit had served as a prison.
"Many have tried to climb out of here," he said. "They've all failed."
"That's because they've been doing it wrong," the child pointed up, near where the bats were streaming out. "See that ledge? That's what defeats them. Every single time one of us tries to escape, they stop at that ledge."
"It's a wide gap to the next ledge."
"Too wide, they think. The fear defeats them. So even if they jump, they fall."
"And I suppose you're the one who will make that jump."
The child shrugged. "When my legs are a bit longer."
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Fallen Angels chpt 28 final
Hearts Will Sacrifice
Six months had passed, but it could have been much less than that. It could have been three weeks. Two days. A single night. When Andy felt Grimm's hand on his arm he forgot. He groaned and pulled the bed covers further over his head.
"Come on now, Andy. Up and at 'em!" Grimm tugged gently on the few spikes of hair that remained visible. Slowly, Andy drew it down and sat up, rubbing his eyes. Grimm smiled cheerily. Andy scratched his head. Grimm had woken him up like this every day of his life (at least what parts he could remember of it). It could have been any of those mornings, save for a few definite clues that reminded him.
Casting a new shaped shadow on the covers were his reclaimed wings. They gleamed with a leathery sheen as their tips curled inwards towards him. Andy slept with them wrapped around his body beneath the covers. They surrounded him in loving warmth. Jake had been trying to teach him how to sleep upside down like a vampire bat, but he hadn't
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Fallen Angels chpt 27
With Knives and Pens
He thought for a moment that he could see Carolyn running. It reminded him of the games they used to play around the Morticians'.
Playing tag and hide-and-seek amongst the coffins.
Chasing each other down by the river.
But it was only a flicker of his imagination as his eyes slowly eased open.
He was lying flat, and not in the corridor anymore. It was a strange room he'd not seen before. The walls were unpainted, but embellished with golden mosaics of the sun. There was a small hole in the ceiling where normally a beam of daylight would have shot down and illuminated the room, but daylight had for the moment been kicked into touch. So the room was lined with candles and torches. He raised his head. There was a door not too far away, which was open onto a red room. The red room.
Andy snapped himself out of sleep and opened his eyes properly. He could see him now; the crumbling old High Priest, standing with his back against one of the gold suns. There were ot
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Fallen Angels chpt 26
Blurring Light
"How much longer do I have to keep this 'victim' act up for anyway?" Grimm heard Ronnie whisper from just a way up ahead. The rocking of the Earth had forced them all to the floor. He could just barely make out Ronnie's outline in the gloom.
"Who killed the lights?" Seth growled.
"Something tells me that I really don't want to know." Grimm replied, crawling onto his knees in order to stand. "Whatever it was that just happened… It must be an unimaginable evil… To have turned back the Earth's clock like this!" He sighed to stop himself from trembling. "Come on; this way." He nudged Ronnie's shoulder.
"You're… not really going to kill me, are you?" Ronnie asked nervously.
"Of course not! You've trusted me this far, haven't you?" Grimm replied. Ronnie shrugged and put his head down. "Just when we're seen look like you don't have a clue what's going on."
"…But I don't have a clue what's going on."
"Then it should be pretty easy for you, then."
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Fallen Angels chpt 25
Into These Blood Red Skies
"What do we do now?" Jake shouted.
Andy took a minute to glance downwards. Carolyn was standing with the Outcasts painted like him. Even she was made-up in the paint. His dark eyelashes were very becoming on her. He might have lost her, had it not been for the black hat with the large feather that she always wore. She nodded to him and he replied; "Alright! C.C; you deal with those throwing things. Make sure there aren't any left in working order. And destroy the palaces in Heaven – but leave the Temple." C.C nodded and flew away. "Jinxx, I want you to do your best to protect the Outcasts. Do whatever you can, by any means. I know we might lose some, but we've got to try!" Jinxx hesitated. "Jake, clear the path. Just try not to hit one of us." Jake smirked, and dropped down towards the battleground. Jinxx still waited.
"What are you going to do?"
"I've got to get into that Temple, Jinxx. We've got to stop its heart, before it stop
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Fallen Angels chpt 24
They Can't Stop Us From Our Freedom
As Grimm ran back through the Temple grounds, he noticed a line at the edge of the city. It was spreading along the outskirts and into the streets. He paused for a moment, putting a hand to his forehead to peer down the hill. It was glowing orange. It was fire! He stood back. Could the Outcasts actually be setting fire to their own city?! What on Earth was happening?! He had the distinct impression that all of reality was turning over on itself. And as he stared he saw what appeared to be a group of five great, big, black birds swoop up into the air; like ravens of death rising from the flames of the underworld.
He shook his head, trying not to think about that impending doom for the moment, and he raced out of the gates.
It was strange, seeing the city spread beneath his feet. Andy stared down at his narrow, dangling toes for a moment and caught his breath. The heights were no longer a problem. It
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Fallen Angels - chpt 23
A Deadly Grip on Lies
Crouching close to the ground, they moved up through the streets of Hell. There were newly derelict buildings all around; walls that had once housed roofs and blackened windows. Andy's wings arched over Carolyn as she ran beside him. C.C kept a watchful eye on Sammi. Between his hands, Jake kept a swirling ball of his dark poison, just in case.
As it turned out, he didn't need to use it, yet.
The space where the Mortician's had been set both Andy's and Carolyn's teeth on edge. The top floors were completely gone. Only the bottom office remained. The glass in the windows had been blown straight through. What remained of the door was swinging open in the smoky air. Carolyn reached for Andy's hand, clasping onto his fingers as they waited on the other side of the street. Jake nodded. Cautiously, they sprinted across the open road. They had to work quickly because the view was open. There wasn't much cover in the area. Carolyn though still insisted on going through th
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Fallen Angels chpt 22
We Are The Fallen Angels
"Let's move."
Andy led them off the tip of the mountain, down to just above the crack in the rocks they had emerged from, and turned his gaze out in the direction of the city. Carolyn huddled at their centre, staring at the leather wings now growing from his back. She could feel herself shrinking. She was sure now that she'd lost him for good.
"Alright." Jake shrugged. "Come on Carolyn…" He bent to pick her up, but Andy twisted around.
"No. I want to carry her."
"Can you even fly?" C.C raised an eyebrow.
Andy smiled calmly. His eyes glowed icy. "I think I can remember."
"Encouraging." Ashley muttered as Carolyn stumbled forward. She looped her arms around his neck, and he reached his arms under her knees. Holding her to him, he stood up to his full height. Carolyn felt the floor disappear beneath her feet and she gripped tighter. Andy smirked.
"Bye, mountains!" C.C waved furiously back at the distant ridges.
Jake rolled his eyes. "You'
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Fallen Angels chpt 21
Set the World on Fire
The lightning struck the tip of the mountain. It struck him.
Thousands of volts of electricity was suddenly whizzing through his body, faster than the speed of light. He was overcome with a crippling sensation. His heart was racing and she had him on his knees. His fingers gripped at the floor, nails digging into the dirt and turning black before his eyes. His breathing was heavy, gasping, tripping over itself in an effort to grasp the air. When he opened his eyes, all he saw was the blinding white light of the lightning fork that wasn't stopping.
Inside, he was caught between terror and sheer excitement. His skin was prickling, the little hairs rising; wave after wave of electricity running over the surface of his arms. It hurt him, but weirdly it wasn't unpleasant. It was sickening, pressing down on his chest and threatening to stop his heart. He was terrified that the mighty muscle might give in to it all together and cease bumping the blood. The blood. He had
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Fallen Angels chpt 20
Born From A Dream
Everyone makes mistakes. Even we goddesses. And he was my mistake. Such a big mistake.
For a long time, we were alone. We crossed paths occasionally, when he was heading home at the end of his day and my nights were just beginning. He had the clouds, and I had my stars, but they weren't like us. We were bigger, brighter; we were gods.
In the daytime he watched over the little earth and the creatures he called humans. At night I played tricks with their heads – I sent them visions and images to delight and to make them squirm.
We carried on like this for ages, barely speaking to each other.
Then one late evening, while we were together before my nightly business, he said, "Well, how about it then?"
"How about what?"
"I'm alone, you're alone… why don't we be alone together?"
Alright, in the early days he was sweet. And yes, I guess I grew to like him a little myself too.
Then he proposed one evening.
Being a lady of the night as I was, I refused
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Fallen Angels - chpt 19
It took him a whole night to wake up. Night time seemed so natural now; as though over the course of the last two weeks his body had adapted to the change. The drugs kept him drowsy. He sunk in and out of sleep all the time. I never saw the others or where he was. It was more a sliding in and out of consciousness than anything else.
When he did eventually come around enough to open his eyes and take a look around, he got the shock of his life. He was back in his bedroom in the Temple. Everything was just how he'd left it – even down to the thick book he'd left on the windowsill. The gauzy curtains flowed gently in and out of the room. At the window, he could see the tops of the aristocrats' houses.
It was a scene he'd known so well all his life, but it wasn't quite right. It was as though he didn't quite fit anymore. As though everything was spinning around an awkward axis, and that axis was him. He felt the sheets of the bed he was lying in tighten around his legs, and his
:iconerondagirl:erondagirl 17 44
Fallen Angels - chpt 18
The Destroyer
The clearing wasn't completely covered over. When Andy flickered his eyes open again, his eyelashes were thick with white. I shuddered and sat up. Jinxx had been holding onto him, and had finally fallen to sleep, but he felt the sudden movement and was on his feet in a flash. Andy looked up and put out a hand. Snow was falling through the gap in the rocks, and covering the floor in a thick white blanket. The flakes landed gracefully on his palm and melted to water. They caught in his dark hair and on his shoulders. They blended with his clothes. At first he was thrilled, but then came the shivers as he realised how cold it was.
"This is bad." Jinxx muttered looking up at the heavy sky. "We have to move. Now."
He shook Jake awake. Andy dragged Carolyn out of Ashley's grasp, and she woke up lying face-down in the snow. Ashley stood up and brushed the snow from his legs. "Where'd all this come from?"
"It's a sign." Jake growled. "C.C's awake."
"It's freezing!" Ashley hissed.
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The Last Echelon
I got tired of being confined to the house. It was such a bore each day to have to stay walled up inside where the medication could reach me. As I opened the front door, the American sunshine cast my rebellion on the floor behind me. For a moment I stopped to stare at my shadow. I'd like to think I still held some of my own self inside the bony old body. My spine never used to be that curved.
"Time to escape…"
I gave a sigh and shut the door.
The sky was thick with smog, as it always had been, and always would be. Countless campaigns and global cutbacks couldn't stop the signature clouds. Years ago it had bothered me, but strangely it didn't anymore. It was as much a part of my home now as I was. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.
I chuckled to myself as I strolled calmly down the street, past the gleaming white houses with their modern fronts. At the corner, I paused and glanced up towards the famous hill, with its great board letters. I could see the sunlight catching
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Fallen Angels chpt 17
The forest ended and faded into a long wasteland before rising up into the mountains. The motley crew paused at the edge of the trees. Andy went to take a step, but Jinxx grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back. "No. You stay." He whispered. "I can go." Andy nodded and let him pass. Jinxx crawled out from the tree cover. They watched in wonder as his skin seemed to blend with the grass and the sky, like a chameleon. He kept his head lowered, bending close to the floor. Cautiously, he scanned the landscape with his diamond eyes. Only once he was satisfied he'd seen everything did he return to the others. "No sign of anyone." He muttered. "Best not to fly though – we'll be easier to spot then."
"Oh God, not walking!!" Ashley whined. "It's so… so… pedestrian!"
Jinxx raised an eyebrow. "Unless you want to be killed, Ashley, I suggest you walk."
"Awww don't want to walk, Ashley?" Carolyn taunted, strolling into the waist-high grass. "Too hard for you? A
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Fallen Angels chpt 16
Life Becomes a War
Jinxx exploded out of the cave mouth in a flurry of black feathers and ash. Andy stared, horrified by the scene before them. The edge of the forest was a toasted wasteland, burned and scorched to within an inch of life. They could see at once that three of the Invasion had been killed. Their bodies were turning to cinders in the still blazing grass.
From behind a smouldering tree trunk, Carolyn crept on her hands and knees, still clutching the thin glass needle. Jake and Ashley had been driven together, and were standing back-to-back against the attackers. Ashley slashed through the air at them with whips of fire that set even more of the land alight.
Andy didn't hear Jinxx mutter, if he had said anything at all. Suddenly he was gone from Andy's side, scrambling up the cave wall and springing headfirst into the middle of the battle. Ashley quickly withdrew the flames as Jinxx skipped and dodged between them
Jake couldn't hide the relief on his face. "Thank goodness!
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Fallen Angels chpt 15
The Mystic
After drinking the blood of the Black Veil Bride, as it had been called back at the Temple, the sunlight hurt even more. The next morning felt like a knife wound right to the skull. He could barely summon the courage to move from the wooden floor; his limbs felt like iron. The world was in turmoil above. The light was flooding through the windows. It galled him to have to face the day.
"What the Hell happened last night?" He muttered, wrapping his forehead with his hands.
Ashley rolled onto his front; seemingly unaffected by anything the night had brought. He scanned his eyes across the ceiling and pouted his perfect lips in thought. "I don't really remember… Must have been fun though!"
"Ah, my Goddess!" Carolyn groaned as she sat up from the floorboards where she'd collapsed hours before. "I haven't done that in years…"
Andy furrowed his brow as he tried his best to fight through the smog in his head, back to last night. He could remember Carolyn telling them off,
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